What is the best news about these new Youfone Sim only subscriptions? Check it out right here!

Following the competition with Unlimited subscriptions, Youfone presented an unlimited subscription last year, which led to quite some discussion. The new sim only offer has no more room for this semi unlimited subscription and yet the maximum amount of data has been increased for the most sim only goedkoop.

In June 2017 Youfone presented its own unlimited subscription. However, the sim only provider had such a strict fair use policy that you could hardly speak of an unlimited subscription.

  • After 15 GB the speed was reduced. On the advice of the Advertising Code Foundation, Youfone called the subscription ‘unlimited with fup’. The new offer of the budget provider has become clearer and cheaper. You already have a 4G subscription with 2 GB for 7,50 euro a month. The highest bundle is now 20 GB for a two-year subscription or 15 GB if you opt for monthly cancellation.

New sim only offer Youfone

Are you about to take out a new subscription? Then Youfone now offers you an attractive sim only offer. The budget provider has renewed its subscriptions. Last year the provider presented an unlimited subscription, following the example of Tele2 and T-Mobile. However, this subscription soon turned out to be semi unlimited because the fair use policy allowed only 15 GB of data at full speed. Nowadays the ‘unlimited’ subscription is no longer available.

  • The sim only provider has a clear 4G offer again. You can choose between a monthly cancellation or a two-year subscription. There are five data bundles from 0 GB to 15 GB for monthly cancellable subscriptions. If you choose for 2 years, you can also choose from a 20 GB data bundle. The 4G data bundles can be combined with 100 min/sms, 300 min/sms or an unlimited bundle.

Affordable offer

Compared to last year’s semi unlimited data bundle, Youfone’s offer has been reduced in price. The unlimited fup subscription only gave 15 GB of data at full speed while you went down in speed. The old unlimited fup subscription cost 21 euro per month. The new 20 GB bundle only costs 15 euro although you have to subscribe to at least 100 min/sms. If you want 20 GB of data and unlimited telephony, Youfone now charges 23 euros per month.

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