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Why You Should Learn Catalan

Spain is a good idea to travel and stay. But before you book your ticket and head on there, it is important to get to know more about the Catalan language. You may not be too familiar with Catalan but it helps to know it. These are some of the reasons why:

Fit Better with the Locals

If you want to win the hearts and trust of the locals, it is ideal that you speak Catalan. Language can be a barrier. If you are not familiar with words and phrases, you will not understand. It will be hard to communicate and create a bond if language breaks you. 

Better Experience

When you are in a different place, the locals use their language. It is hard to understand signages if they are written in a language unfamiliar to you. Level up your local experience by learning the Catalan language. When you know what signs say, you understand better. Thus, a more memorable and noteworthy experience for you. 

Capture the Culture

If you want to feel like a true blue Spanish, it helps to learn their language. You will be closer to their culture if you know how to talk in the same way they do. You get a better grasp of things because you understand and you speak it. 

For Job Opportunities

Should you love the place and want to settle in, it helps to speak local to land you a job. In every business, communication matters. What better way to get the message across than to speak and understand Catalan. 

For Studies

Foreign study is a good thing. If you love it in Spain and want to pursue your studies there, the best thing to do is learn the language. There is no better way to show appreciation and love for the place you are staying in than learning and embracing their local language.