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Why You Should Learn Catalan

Spain is a good idea to travel and stay. But before you book your ticket and head on there, it is important to get to know more about the Catalan language. You may not be too familiar with Catalan but it helps to know it. These are some of the reasons why:

Fit Better with the Locals

If you want to win the hearts and trust of the locals, it is ideal that you speak Catalan. Language can be a barrier. If you are not familiar with words and phrases, you will not understand. It will be hard to communicate and create a bond if language breaks you. 

Better Experience

When you are in a different place, the locals use their language. It is hard to understand signages if they are written in a language unfamiliar to you. Level up your local experience by learning the Catalan language. When you know what signs say, you understand better. Thus, a more memorable and noteworthy experience for you. 

Capture the Culture

If you want to feel like a true blue Spanish, it helps to learn their language. You will be closer to their culture if you know how to talk in the same way they do. You get a better grasp of things because you understand and you speak it. 

For Job Opportunities

Should you love the place and want to settle in, it helps to speak local to land you a job. In every business, communication matters. What better way to get the message across than to speak and understand Catalan. 

For Studies

Foreign study is a good thing. If you love it in Spain and want to pursue your studies there, the best thing to do is learn the language. There is no better way to show appreciation and love for the place you are staying in than learning and embracing their local language. 

Refreshing Travel Locations To Include In Your Post-Pandemic Travel List

Whether you want to relax and swim on a remote island or just go on a hike with friends, there is much to explore and places to go. While you still wait for the safest time to travel this year, consider adding some of these refreshing travel locations to your post-pandemic list


From its nickname ‘the nature island,’ you can tell why. The 290-square mile island has long enjoyed lush rainforests, deep ravines crisscrossed by 365 rivers, and foliage-engulfed peaks. Better check Rosalie Bay Eco-Resort which is newly renovated and open. Dominica is also enjoying an impressive luxury hotel boom, thanks mostly to its longstanding Citizenship by Investment program.

The place is not short of luxury properties. You can find Cabrits Resort & Spa Kempinski, Hilton’s Tranquility Beach and the Marriott Anichi Resort & Spa and more. Take a hike into the Valley of Desolation or go on a refreshing dip in the waterfall-fed Emerald Pool. And of course, don’t forget to submerge yourself in world-class snorkelling and diving where you can find colourful sponges and sea creatures.

Brisbane, Australia

Queens Wharf Brisbane major development project in Queensland is underway and expected completion in 2022. Than means you still have a lot of time to prepare and probably by that time, the pandemic is over.

Be prepared to find family-friendly Waterline Park where you find sporting equipment and go wall climbing. Follow this by going to the Mangrove Walk which caters to indigenous culture and local wildlife. There is also the Bicentennial Bikeway where you can ride your bike as it has wider lanes, and better traffic flow.

Barcelona: Culture and Food To Explore In The Catalan Capital

Barcelona is a panoramic city and one of the most fascinating in Europe. The Catalan capital is not just famous for its scenic trails, sacred churches, and architectural marvels, but is also famous for its beaches, restaurant, and vibrant pedestrian market. The city mostly attracts couples, culture lover, foodies, the adventurer, and more.

Here we talk about some things culture lover and foodie-travellers can enjoy during a stay in the beautiful city.

Unique architecture by Antoni Gaudi

Cultural Attractions

Barcelona is one of the most cultural cities in Europe. There are many marvellous cultural attractions you should take the time to see. The Picasso Museum is a delight for art lovers as it displays the best art collections of notable artists in the world. It is an architecturally outstanding city, and architecture fans will surely appreciate the magnificent works of Antoni Gaudi dotted around the city.

The Sagrada Família, a huge incomplete cathedral that attracts a lot of tourists, is one of Gaudí’s most famous works in Barcelona. Other popular Gaudi attraction is the Parc Güell, which is now a public park that displays wonderful sculptures and benches, and beautiful views.

Do not miss out exploring the spectacular city as there is a lot of cultural sights to see. Also, don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy fabulous food here.

The Fabulous Food

There are plenty of restaurants to find and delicious cuisine to taste. Catalan cuisine is mostly a blend of fresh fish and vegetables, olive oil, meat, cheese and fine wine. Here you can find some of the best food in the capital.

Try the tasty escudilla, which is a soup made of sausages, beans and potatoes. Try their popular grilled vegetable dish known as escalivada. Another popular food in many meals and salad is Bacalao, a special Spanish stew of salt cod, tomatoes, potatoes and garlic. There is more to explore as you can find many excellent restaurants here.

Why Learn Catalan When You Visit Barcelona

Are you planning a trip to Barcelona? Then prepare your trip by studying some survival Spanish to help you interact with the locals a bit better. But don’t just learn Spanish as you will be surprised to find out that lots of the signs, posters, ads and all things written around don’t look quite like the Spanish. They use a language called Catalan. You’ll see it all over the place during your stay in Barcelona so it helps when you learn Catalan.

Barcelona, Spain

Is Catalan different from Spanish?

Catalan is different from Spanish. It is a Romance language which evolved from Latin, just as Spanish, French, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese, to name a few. Catalan is a language spoken in Catalonia, Andorra, and some parts of France and Italy. Interestingly, a Spanish speaker cannot understand Catalan. Most Catalan speakers understand Spanish because they learned it from school. Interestingly, Catalan is mutually incomprehensible for Spanish speakers who have not studied the language.

If you’re there for a short trip, then you probably don’t need to learn the language. However, if you’re staying there a bit longer, like an academic year or more, then learning Catalan can be helpful. While it is not rude to speak Spanish in Barcelona, trying to engage in Catalan to Catalan speakers will be highly appreciated.

Learning Catalan will help you bond and fit in better with the locals. So if you are staying in Barcelona for a long period, learning the language will get you closer to the culture and make the most out of your experience.

Walking Holiday In Spain – Discover The Stunning Beauty Of The Catalan Region

Are you looking for a great walking holiday in Europe? Then consider the Kingdom of Spain. The country has much to offer when it comes to walking. From places of stunning mountain scenes to beautiful coastal trails, you will enjoy the intriguing destinations at your own pace. There are wonderful walks for novices and advance walkers.

Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa

The hot bright weather in Spain makes a perfect place for walking holiday tours. Even if walking isn’t your thing the country has a lot to offer.

The Catalan region is possibly the best destination for walking in Spain. It is close to Barcelona, reachable with superior transport sections. The Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa presents the best natural viewpoints. The place is surrounded with beautiful olive groves and vineyards, alongside various exciting Spanish wildlife. You can wander on the gradual seaside of Catalonia while appreciating the magnificent scenery the surrounds the area. If you love walking trips the place is a walker’s heaven.

There are cultural and historical sights to enjoy near the Catalan region. There are a lot of activities to do here. Spain hosts the broadest mountains in Europe, and the Catalan region boasts some of the most stunning scenery around and some of the best areas for countryside walks. Most fields are relatively untouched, that what makes the place wonderfully attractive.

Aside from walking activities, you can enjoy a beautiful road biking routes in the Catalan region. There are plenty of equally good bike trails to explore. If cycling is not your cup of tea, you can find something more adrenaline-filled as there are other adventure sports you can try.