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If you’ve been playing Halo Reach for any period of time since it’s been released you’ve probably figured out that once you reach certain ranks it becomes a lengthy process to get any further. Do you want to know how to rank up FAST in Halo Reach? It’s quite simple, actually…

You rank up in Halo Reach by obtaining credits. The Halo series used to rank you up based upon a system that went by how many wins you had and gave you points depending on the other team’s ranks. But Halo Reach is all about getting CREDITS!


So in order to truly learn how to rank up FAST in Halo Reach you need to understand what it takes to get the most credits as quickly as possible. Luckily, we found that just for you. So if you really wanna know how to rank up fast in Halo Reach, just follow this:

Kill, And Kill Often

As obvious as this might sound, you should play selfishly. You don’t earn credits for completing objectives, so charging ahead to help out your team will likely only end in your death. Each kill will earn only four credits, so you don’t want to waste time running into your enemies shotgun blast.

Break Up A Fight

Obviously you may eventually tire of the same deathmatch mode over and over, so if you fancy a change try Invasion mode. Though these games last longer, their objective based gameplay gives you a change of pace – as well as ending with anywhere between 800-1,000 Credits per match.

The Long Haul

In Classic Slayer matches, if you see two (or more) enemies fighting each other, make the most of this by taking them out yourself. A grenade or two will quickly wipe out the preoccupied pair, though in their weakened state it shouldn’t take much to finish them off with a rifle. Doing so will reward you with a multikill bonus of 10 credits and for any additional multikill thereafter.

Stab In The Back

For an extra eight credits you should try to assassinate your enemies. Approach an enemy from behind and hold Right Bumper to initiate an assassination kill. This can be done at any time, so if you see any of the opposing team looking in the opposite direction, resist the temptation to open fire and go in for the melee kill instead.

Be A Slayer

Slayer Matches are the quickest and easiest type of match to earn credits, ending – with bonuses and slot machine points – between 600-700 Credits. This does require you to be a keen shot in deathmatch mode, however, though team Slayer matches can help those not able to reach middle-to-top scores in free-for-all.

Avoid Vehicles

Since you don’t earn Credits for completing game objectives, you’ll want to give Race/Rally sessions a miss. As fun and frantic as these modes are, you’ll earn minimal Credits after completing the match regardless of what position you finish in. Stick to killing instead.

Hunt Heads

Headhunter matches are good for points and is a pretty hilarious mode to boot. The trick to scoring is to hang around the capture points and wait for approaching skull carriers (they’ll be highlighted with an arrow above their head). They’ll charge for the scoring zone, giving you the advantage as you shotgun them in the face. Similarly, a headshot will reward you with an additional seven Credits on top of the kill itself.

Strike From The Shadows

Game modes like Capture The Flag are great for boosting melee kills. You’ll earn additional Credits for a melee kill, so equip the loadout with Active Camouflage and hide by any of the flags with an energy sword. If you hold crouch then the invisibility will last longer, letting you lie in wait for the perfect strike and adding six Credits to every kill.


Most actions online will score you Credits. Behind the scenes, these actions – such as multikills – will be tracked towards a commendation. There are five stages of a commendation, from Bronze to Onyx, and after earning each one you’ll be rewarded a large lump of additional Credits. These start off small, at 150, but keep working towards every one of them to quickly boost your total.

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